Since it was first launched back in 2004, House of Photography at Deichtorhallen Hamburg had been advancing the »gute aussichten – junge deutsche fotografie« (»good prospects – young german photography«) project. In the meantime it established itself as the most important prize for up and coming photographers in the field of contemporary photo art in germany and celebrates in 2014 its 10-year existence. This year’s selection committee, composed besides the founder Josefine Raab of Dr. Wibke von Bonin, Dr. Verena Hein, Mario Lombardo, Luminita Sabau, Hans-Christian Schink and Ingo Taubhorn, elected nine award winners out of 100 participants. The photographic works of Nadja Bournonville, Anna Domnick, Birte Kaufmann, Lioba Keuck, Alwin Lay, Marian Luft, Stephanie Steinkopf, Daniel Stubenvoll and Christina Werner will be shown from February 7 to March 23, 2014 in House of Photography in the Deichtorhallen Hamburg.

According to SPIEGEL gute aussichten is »Germany’s most renowned competition for young photographers« which evolves more and more into a »constant substitution of young photography«. The heart of the project is an annual competition for final year projects of all german universities, colleges and academies that offer graduate courses in photography. Every college can maximally submit five applicants. The selected award winners will be presented afterwards in different exhibitions, initiatives and media to the public at large.

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The catalogue, edited by Stefan Becht and Josefine Raab, is available in bookstores and under info(at) 228 pages, size 16 cm x 24 cm, 334 illustrations, 20,- Euro, ISBN 978-3-86895-337-4