Michael Schirner


The Haus der Photographie in the Deichtorhallen presents from 16.04.2010 to 25.04.2010 Michael Schirner with his works of the series BYE BYE. They are a continuation of the legendary series "Pictures in the Head", with which Schirner became internationally known as a visual artist in the 1980s. Simultaneously with the exhibition at the Deichtorhallen, Schirner's works will be shown in public spaces on large-scale posters and City Light Posters in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, as well as in renowned daily newspapers. BYE BYE thus becomes a national media spectacle.

In his work, Schirner deals with the visual worlds of mass and high culture as well as with the perception of media-mediated images. He does not create new images. His images are images about images. His image archives are newspapers, magazines, films, television, internet, advertising and art. Schirner processes and reworks what is stored in our collective memory. "The artist sees the void as a provocation through non-localization of a message and digital re-scanning" says Ingo Taubhorn, curator of the Haus der Photographie, about the works of Michael Schirner. The goal of his work is to make the invisible visible. He reduced the elements of the picture to a minimum, leaving out everything that can be left out. The result: the audience imagines the reduced. That is, what is not shown is created in the minds of the viewers. And the more imaginary something is, the more intense the imagination. Schirner relied on the viewer's imagination and thought process, making him the actual author of the work.

"The digitally prepared views enable a highly explosive questioning of the actuality and penetrating power of real and fictitious, authentic and fictitious image patterns and typical iconic situational variables. It is about decomposition, erasure, displacement and repositioning of visual signs and elements." (Ingo Taubhorn)

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