Hall for Contemporary Art


The Hall for Contemporary Art hosts major exhibition projects with contemporary artists. Each exhibition is conceived in collaboration with the artists, often as a spectacular total work of art in its own right.

An important factor in this regard is the open, modern atmosphere of the north hall. Art is presented in a unique setting with both intimate and expansive spaces, with indoor and outdoor areas for artworks, always in dialogue with the functional, architectural environment.

With around 3800 square meters of space, the Hall for Contemporary Art offers the largest single exhibition space for contemporary art in Europe and thus room for unique art installations that are only possible here.

Since 1989, numerous solo, thematic, and group exhibitions have been presented, including Andy Warhol (1993), Post Human: New Forms of Figuration in Contemporary Art (1993), Louise Bourgois (1996), Jason Rhoades (1999), Martin Kippenberger (1999), Jonathan Meese (2006), Hans Haacke (2006), Fischli & Weiss (2008), Gilbert & George (2011), Antony Gormley (2012), Picasso in Contemporary Art (2016), Alice Neel (2017), and Charline von Heyl (2018).

In addition, multiple internationally renowned collections have been presented in the Hall for Contemporary Art, including the Centre Pompidou Collection (1990), the Goetz Collection (1998), the Grässlin Collection (2001), the Julia Stoschek Collection (2010), and the Viehof Collection (2016).