The “hustle” in Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side (1972) alludes to US actor Joe Dallesandro, a male icon and superstar of Andy Warhol’s “Factory”. By chance, Little Joe, as he was called in various film roles, walked onto the set during the filming in 1967 of The love of Ondine, produced by Andy Warhol and Paul Morrisey. After the very first three roles he played in Warhol’s art films, Dallesandro was already the greatest sex symbol of the late 1960s among both men and women alike – in both the Hippie and the gay movement. He embodied the underground that cast a merciless gaze at the wild side of New York and art, and radically broke with all the rules.

The exhibition will showcase not only original images by world-famous photographers but also film posters and stills from countless movies. There will be a series of film screenings to coincide with the exhibition.

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Video Interview with Joe Dallesandro